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CN-101952428-A: Mutant pyrrolysyl-tRNA synthetase, and method for production of protein having non-natural amino acid integrated therein by using the same patent, CN-101952505-A: 家庭用薄纸 patent, CN-101953162-A: Display device, integrated interface device, and method of controlling integrated interface device patent, CN-101955663-A: Green environment-protection cold-resistance flexible nylon 66 material patent, CN-101955817-A: High-energy environmental protection methanol diesel oil patent, CN-101957603-A: Electronic processing equipment and protection method for low-temperature sensitive element in same patent, CN-101959174-A: Data transmission method, communication system and associated equipment patent, CN-101959619-A: 层叠体的制造方法 patent, CN-101959685-A: 制备平版印刷版的方法 patent, CN-101960007-A: 包含脂肪酶的洗涤剂组合物 patent, CN-101960089-A: 泵或马达 patent, CN-101960825-A: 发布/订阅消息中介 patent, CN-101961369-A: Formula of medicament for treating cervical spondylosis patent, CN-101962792-A: Method for preparing pore diameter controllable through hole anodized aluminum oxide film patent, CN-101963820-A: 自适应密勒补偿型电压调节器 patent, CN-101965268-A: Steering knuckle with pre-sealing patent, CN-101965295-A: 和药片压碎器一起使用的药片压碎器小袋 patent, CN-101965540-A: Entire-visual-field projection device, and entire-visual-field image system patent, CN-101965684-A: 电平移位电路和方法 patent, CN-101965704-A: 具有不等差错保护的反馈 patent, CN-101970097-A: 具有酰基脲壁的微胶囊 patent, CN-101970147-A: Sheet of cold material and method and tool for its manufacture patent, CN-101970541-A: Copolymer including uncharged hydrophilic block and cationic polyamino acid block having lateral chain to which hydrophobic radical is partially introduced, and use of copolymer patent, CN-101970640-A: A new strain of yarrowia lipolytica and its use in the industrial reclamation of glycerol fractions obtained during biodiesel production patent, CN-101974006-A: Method for extracting podophyllotoxin from umbrella leaf patent, CN-101975442-A: 一种工程车辆空调智能温度控制器 patent, CN-101977515-A: *蛋白胨部分 patent, CN-101979607-A: 抗口蹄疫病毒RNAi转基因家畜的制备方法 patent, CN-101980645-A: Stacked sheet body and sheet storing device patent, CN-101980827-A: 具有制动系统的工具机 patent, CN-101980839-A: 带削剪引导件的削剪器 patent, CN-101981053-A: 聚乙二醇化的AβFAB patent, CN-101981085-A: Flame retardant polyimide/polyester-polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom patent, CN-101981222-A: 涂覆方法、工件或工具及其用途 patent, CN-101981285-A: A nozzle arrangement patent, CN-101981374-A: 燃烧器中的气体喷射 patent, CN-101981856-A: Encoding and decoding of control information for wireless communication patent, CN-101983428-A: 用于制造多个光电元件的方法 patent, CN-101987290-A: 一种用于污水高效净化的旋转光电催化反应器 patent, CN-101987495-A: Preparation die of ready-to-use thin-layer agrose gel piece patent, CN-101987547-A: Spiral pencil core patent, CN-101988073-A: Method for culturing drought-enduring plants and recombinant plasmid special for same patent, CN-101988184-A: 一种制备石墨烯薄膜的方法 patent, CN-101988881-A: 漆膜硬度检测装置 patent, CN-101989020-A: Electrophoretic display device patent, CN-101989394-A: 一种新的户外广告模式 patent, CN-101989565-A: 浅沟槽隔离结构的制造方法 patent, CN-101990270-A: 建立按需路由的方法、设备及系统 patent, CN-101990526-A: Gas generator composition patent, CN-101990694-A: Thermally-actuated switch patent, CN-101990947-A: 营养麦奶及其加工工艺 patent, CN-101991655-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal embrocation for treating aphtha patent, CN-101991925-A: 低压损消防水炮 patent, CN-101992494-A: 机械生产路侧石的工艺方法 patent, CN-101993690-A: IIB metal organic complex fluorescent light-emitting material patent, CN-101994910-A: 一种眼镜用led灯 patent, CN-101995997-A: 一种多点红外线触摸屏及其触摸定位方法 patent, CN-101996695-A: 耐高压电极结构及其制造方法 patent, CN-101997644-A: 速率调整方法、系统、编码方式选择方法和装置 patent, CN-101997806-A: 用于数字传输的物理层帧同步序列的生成方法及系统 patent, CN-101998321-A: 一种ims网络中用户终端会话控制的方法及系统 patent, CN-101998639-A: 快乐状态的确定方法及装置 patent, CN-102003230-A: 大自然闭路循环式闭路冷循环动力发电装置 patent, CN-102004927-A: Equipment system and method for remotely operating integrated circuit (IC) card patent, CN-102005006-A: Multi-project contract management method based on credit rating system patent, CN-102005482-A: 一种tft patent, CN-102006921-A: 利用沸石咪唑盐骨架材料将二氧化碳与甲烷分离 patent, CN-102007030-A: 混合动力装置的控制系统 patent, CN-102007220-A: 表皮生长因子受体基因拷贝数 patent, CN-102007317-A: Bearing for structures patent, CN-102014422-A: Measurement processing method and device patent, CN-102014744-A: Apparatus for assessing the stress on the circulation of a person during assisted breathing by means of a respirator patent, CN-102014790-A: 抗微生物的胶原构建体 patent, CN-102014937-A: 基于异基因癌细胞的免疫治疗 patent, CN-102014961-A: Volatile anesthetic compositions comprising extractive solvents for regional anesthesia and/or pain relief patent, CN-102015478-A: 用于吸收性卫生制品的运输的货物装载单元 patent, CN-102015964-A: Thiophene derivatives, and lc media containing the same patent, CN-102016487-A: 联合瞄准器 patent, CN-102017247-A: Lithium ion secondary battery and method for manufacturing lithium ion secondary battery patent, CN-102017270-A: 锂二次电池用非水电解质溶液和含有该非水电解质溶液的锂二次电池 patent, CN-102017629-A: Interpolation filter support for sub-pixel resolution in video coding patent, CN-102017784-A: Codec change on IP-based A interface patent, CN-102018910-A: 用于治疗败血症的中药制剂 patent, CN-102021466-A: Method for producing nano alloy cast iron grinding balls by using nano material patent, CN-102021561-A: Laser top-surface cladding method patent, CN-102021969-A: Light wall plate patent, CN-102022287-A: Speed-up gearbox of vertical shaft wind turbine generator system patent, CN-102024431-A: Tft-lcd驱动电路 patent, CN-102025045-A: 配接7/8”同轴泄漏电缆的l29型插针接触件射频同轴连接器 patent, CN-102025781-A: 基于分布式监测管理架构的业务感知方法 patent, CN-102026095-A: 一种MBMS Notification的传输方法、系统及装置 patent, CN-102026135-A: 预付费漫游用户拨号智能纠正的方法、设备与系统 patent, CN-102026963-A: Aromatic dicyanate compounds with high aliphatic carbon content patent, CN-102028756-A: 治疗哮喘的土方配方及其配制方法 patent, CN-102030867-A: Method for preparing vinyl chloride graft copolymer resins patent, CN-102030984-A: 一种水溶性自掺杂聚苯胺电致变色材料制备方法 patent, CN-102032583-A: 用于对热材料进行输送、冷却和能量回收的方法和装置 patent, CN-102033590-A: Method, device and data processing equipment for supplying power to communication interface patent, CN-102034794-A: 测试结构及测试半导体衬底的方法 patent, CN-102036666-A: 作为硬脂酰-辅酶a去饱和酶的抑制剂的新型哌嗪衍生物 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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